Our Story: Digital Marketing

Grey Space Media started in 2018, with no investment and lots of drive we scrapped together what we could. We found a bottle of whiskey in our garage which was sold at auction for £800. We used this to then fund ourselves for our first month. We bought the essentials and got on our way with reaching out to every business in the city. With lots of no replies and a lot of “no’s” we were given an opportunity by a few small businesses. In a few short months we went from our dining room table to having an office at the world famous George Square providing services for some of the biggest companies in the world. We have now stretched our reach internationally and continue to service businesses large and small while with-holding our initial values.

It is the dedication of our resources invested in enriching the digital experiences for clients and customers worldwide. We are a self-driven team that strives for excellence through amplifying your brand’s online visibility so it can reach out to more customers through successful engagements. We are force driven with a single purpose in mind: to drive more sales for your business.