Our Work

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 Jumeirah Hotel Group - Dubai

OUR WORK involves creating content and experiences across  all the properties of Jumeirah Beach. Our primary task is to create unique identifies for each property by adopting a single lens of luxury experiences that matches no other in the category


Making afternoon tea an occasion to celebrate life at all Jumeirah beach front hotels. We worked to ensure each hotel had its unique tea ceremony with service, taste, aroma, pleasure, and opulence in everything we showcased.We took the afternoon tea and gave it a unique luxury experience for the Burj Al Arab – one of the finest luxury hotels in Dubai. The experience was not just shared to populate the owned handles of social media, but were also shared with leading lifestyle journalists and influencers who then wrote about the experience. Today the afternoon tea is much talked about and demanded by every guest across all Jumeriah properties. 


Service standards and talent that deliver this service are extremely important to the Jumeirah group. To encourage great talent, and reward high service standards we created a unique campaign for the staff at Jumeriah. Each unique employee story of service, and their personal journey and passion for the hospitality industry was captured into a series called To work at Jumeirah… Their stories were not just used in the social media and the website but also for in room communication to encourage guests to recognise great service and understand the values of each employee at Jumeirah. 


The Hotel has won awards such as: 

The Ultras Best Hotel In The Middle East 2018 

The Ultras Best Hotel In The World 2018

World's Excellent Brands Awards 2018- Most Popular Brand for Tourist 

Forbes Travel Guide 2018 -World's Most Luxurious Hotel 

Forbes Travel Guide 2018 - Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Award 2018

Street Central Instagram Growth


Street Central is a fashion based Instagram that does multiple partnerships with mainstream brands. Our role was to encourage brands to leverage their influence to market themselves. In return increase the community following and sustain influence in the fashion space. 

We brought in K-Swiss to partner with Street Central to launch  their new range from Gary Vaynerchuk. Through our tracking mechanism and the tools we were able to showcase brand awareness and ROI to K- Swiss constantly through the campaign.

During this partnership Street Central grew in its audience base from 25K to over 180K within 6 months. This led to multiple such brand collaborations. 

We work with several communities and have access to network a strong association that can mutual benefit both the brand as well as the influencer.


Our Objective: 


To understand the landscape and map the audience and communities to build strong recall for BNK LDN as the most fashionable option in the eyewear and accessories space across the world.

Our Task:

Study the market environment, listen to conversations and trend and find areas where BNK LDN could address a crying need and be seen as opportunist and relevant for the audience

What We Did: 

We used our custom built software  tools to understand the audiences and carried out a full scale social media audit along with a digital marketing audit. 

Through our listening we arrived at the most used platforms by our audience which were Instagram and Facebook. We then zeroed in on the two platforms to understand trends and patterns to create a clear plan for BNK LDN to ensure most effective ROI on any advertising they do. 

Our Success:

Through our research and understand we were in a position to draft a clear marketing plan, by back linking the advertising to the Shopify store. We have been selected to manage the entire marketing roll out in 2019. We are currently involved with the SEO and mail marketing for this project with sending and structuring over 5000 emails pre-launch. As BNK LDN is a new brand we are working to plan and create a content calendar linked to our insights that will intrigue a new audience to this brand. Our task will be to build awareness and consideration and later link it to purchase. We plan to use various email marketing software packages to hit every target audience. 

Jumeirah - Gold Coffee BUrj al arab


We took the famous Gold Coffee at the world renowned Burj Al Arab and created a campaign around this. We photographed it in its intended setting ( No studio, No staged scenes) and used the photos to demonstrate the experience. We help to create awareness around this. The Dubai community all know about the famous coffee but we wanted to market this to the rest of the world and the tourists.